big bro and lil sis

i??? cant figure out how to do the design on rhymes shirt its too fustrating

i figured i might as well reblog this here in case someone brave wants to take up the challenge of rhyme’s shirt for me?

Thanks for the 140+ followers! (And sticking around while this thing rots for extended periods of time, woops!)

Here’s God Tier Shiki to keep you entertained for a while? Until Twewystuck is up and running again perhaps??? 

What do you guys want to see in Twewystuck?

Certain ships, certain game references, certain Homestuck references…. what?

(If anyone couldn’t tell by now, Twewystuck is on yet another hiatus. Things should be back by late August/early September and hopefully then we can get a steady number of posts going.)

— seniorSkulls [SS] began pestering masterSeamstress [MS] —

SS: yo
SS: yo
SS: yo shiki
MS: mm? sorry!!!
MS: i was busy pestering neku.
SS: he fill you in on last night
SS: where were you anyway
MS: family emergency, but he told me it was quite the show!
SS: damn right it was. mark yo calendar next time
MS: okay!! sorry. :(
SS: seriously dont stand me up yo i got a bet on you bein a real person
SS: neku says youre a goblin hauntin our chumroll
MS: neku said i was a goblin?? beat, he was just messing with you… by saying mean things about me…
MS: here, i’ll send you proof i’m a real person.

— masterSeamstress [MS] sent file “bffs.jpeg” to seniorSkulls [SS] —

MS: that’s a picture i took with my friend eri the other day. i’m the one with the long hair.
SS: seriously? i was thinkin you was the glasses girl
MS: nope, definitely no glasses on this girl! and definitely not a goblin. ):
SS: HEY what did i tell ya about usin sad faces
MS: well i’m not very happy about being called a goblin!! ):< i should have expected it, though… he’s been pretty rude to me recently. ):
SS: QUIT IT wit the sad faces
MS: i don’t think he’s happy at all to have me as his server. ):
SS: shiki
MS: i think he hates me, beat. ): i just want to be a good friend but he keeps pushing me away and he won’t even accept the cat i made for him! )’:
MS: i was really looking forward to being his server player…  )’:
MS: can you… talk to him for me? i think he’ll listen to you better than he’ll listen to me if i ask him to give me a second chance. ):
MS: please?
SS: tsk fine
SS: i’ll rough that dirtbag up a lil but you better stop bein sad when i get back

— seniorSkulls [SS] has stopped pestering masterSeastress [MS] —

MS: don’t hurt him!! D:


Your name is BEAT. You have a thing for SKATEBOARDING and are PRETTY DAMN GOOD AT IT, if you do say so yourself. You have a collection of VIDEO GAMES which you use to kick ass frequently. You like the occasional good COMEDIAN time to time, but only one is the thief of your heart… Howie. Fucking. Mandel. You spend a lot of time watching videos of him on Youtube, usually when you have other things to do like homework. That’s probably why you get such LOW GRADES, but you’re far too lazy to do anything about it seeing your SISTER has already out shined you when it comes down to marks, and pretty much everything else you couldn’t do.

Speaking of, what will you do?

> Check Pesterchum.